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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ice Cream!

Where is your favorite place to get ice cream?

One of our favorite spots is Eastover Farm in Rochester. I'm eagerly awaiting them to open for the year! It's really out in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful spot. It's a small farm stand and there's a freezer there that they sell the ice cream out of. You can even have lunch first with hot dogs if you choose. The kids love it here because there's lots of grass to run around and they can visit with the donkeys and horses after they have their ice cream. They even do hayrides on the weekends during the summer. Fun!

We also love Erickson's here in Carver (even though their prices keep going up, up, up!) and also Mea's in Halifax.

When we're heading up north, we love Kimball's ice cream....we usually hit the one in Jaffrey, NH.

Tell me where you like to go!


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