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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great Leaf Peeping Drive!

While searching for things to do on our camping trip to Tamworth, New Hampshire, I came across this road trip article for Mt. Chocorua. What a great trip it was! We headed out on a Friday morning, so we didn't run into much traffic. The trip is so "back woods", I don't think you'd run into much traffic anyways!We left midmorning, so we didn't stop at the first ice cream place...just headed straight for the Mt. Chocorua view. I printed some letterboxes beforehand and was excited to find a letterbox at the same place (Mt. Chocorua View). Got some great foliage pictures as well as family & kid pictures here too!After that, we went and got some pics of the mountain over the pond. So pretty!

Now it's totally back woods time....unpaved roads, barely any houses and lots of foliage! When we saw signs for Liberty Trail, I remembered another letterbox (Liberty Trail) was there so we headed off to find that.
We continued on the drive until we came to Great Hill Road and then stopped to do another letterbox (Great Hill Tower). This hike is a must do! I'd say it's probably about a half mile into the woods. Once you reach the tower, you can climb up and look at all the mountains and foliage around you. Totally worth it!
Once you start the drive again and get on Cleveland Hill Road, stop to check out Ordinance Rock on the right. There's yet another letterbox (Ordinance Rock Cemetery) right across the street. The kids loved looking at all the very old gravestones in the cemetery.Hollow Hill Farm is right beside the cemetery and we did some apple picking there on another day (because it was raining on our first trip by). The owners are very nice people!
We saw the coolest rainbow on the way to the next stop...just beautiful!One of the best stops on the trip was at the Sandwich Creamery. It's way in the middle of nowhere. They sell homemade ice cream and cheese there. It's all done on the honor system by sticking your money through a little slot to pay for what you're buying. And the the ice cream is delicious! The kids liked seeing all the animals there too.After our ice cream, we just headed back to our campground although the trip continues a little longer. We highly recommend doing this road trip if you're going to be in the area....and I'd try to go during the fall to see all the amazing colors!


2 parents said...:

john said...

looks like you guys had a great time, sorry i havnt been around lately to catch up on the updates. always wanted to try this letterbox it fun?

jen aka mommay said...

We love to takes you to places that you probably don't know even exist! The kids get a kick out of it and it's good exercise since there's usually lots of walking involved. =)) Try it!

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