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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

St. Patty’s Day Tricks

Last year was the first year I, um, our Leprechaun really went all out on St. Patrick’s Day.  First, he turned the water in all our toilets green.  He was going to turn the milk green too but I, um, I mean *he* forgot about it. 

IMG_0688After the kids left for school, the pesky leprechaun toilet papered their bedrooms and scattered gold chocolate coins around!  The kids thought this was the best. thing. ever.

Family Fun’s website has some cool ideas for traps to try and catch the mischievous leprechauns.  I think I might try one of these with the kids this year and see if they can “catch” him.

Do you have a leprechaun?  What pranks does he pull?


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