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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love stargazing with my family.  The night sky was amazing to look at this past weekend!  I noticed a really bright star in the southwestern sky and found out it was Venus (with Mars and Saturn right nearby).  This weekend coming up is a great time to get outside and watch the skies…the Perseids Meteor Shower is this weekend.  It’s peak is the early morning of August 13th but you can generally see the meteors starting August 11th.  The best time to watch just before daybreak while it’s still very dark but you can start viewing after midnight.  I found this great site that tells you what’s going on in the night sky every night:  EarthSky.  The kids are excited to watch for the “shooting stars” since we can usually find a few without having to stay up to midnight with them, lol! 


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Anonymous said...

I live in Kingston, just moved here, where is a good location to see the meteors?

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