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Monday, August 1, 2011

Daycare costs…looking to interview families

Received an email from Nancy at the Patriot Ledger…she’s looking to interview people for a story she’s working on.  Please read below and contact her if you’re willing to share your story.

I've been reaching out to local people connected with the local parenting community for help on a story.

I'm writing about the soaring cost of daycare in Massachusetts. I have plenty of data about just how expensive it is, but I want to talk to local families dealing with the price tag.

Would you be able to help connect me with parents? I'm looking for people who live on the South Shore and would be willing to talk to me about how much they pay for childcare -- daycare, nanny, etc -- and how they budget for it.

I'm also looking for families where one parent doesn't work and stays home because childcare is too expensive. I've heard stories about how many moms decide that their salary just isn't worth it, when most of it would go toward daycare, anyway.

If you know anyone like this who would feel comfortable sharing their story with me, I'd love your help finding out who they are.

I would need to speak with them in the next week, and a phone interview would be fine. You can reach me at this email or at 617-367-7699. Thank you!

Nancy Reardon Stewart


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Nicole said...

What a great story! You can contact me at

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