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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gray's Beach

Anne finds another cool place! Friday we went to Gray's Beach in Kingston. What a great place to take the kids!

First...they have a nice fenced in playground. All the equipment is pretty new, there's benches and tables with umbrellas to sit at as well. It's pretty big and the kids can totally run around and you know they can't escape. Just the playground alone is a nice trip.
The park is also part beach. There's a nice little beach where the kids can go swim or play. The 2 eight year olds with us were gone practically the whole 4 hours we were there finding crabs, snails and shells. The tide was low when we got there and it was almost at high tide when we left. High tide is the best for swimming since it's pretty muddy near the water during low tide.And if the beach and playground don't sway you to visit, bring your kites and have the kids run all over the place on the huge grassy field there.If you go during the summer, the "Beach Hut" snack shack is open. Prices are pretty reasonable. We brought our lunches but bought the kids ice creams after they ate. Oh and Anne got the Onion Rings and there were oh-so-yummy!Gray's Beach is just off Route 3A in Kingston. A nice way to spend a few hours!

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