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Friday, August 1, 2008

Morton Pond Park

Morton Pond is a great little beach! We first went there on Tuesday and then again on Friday. It costs $10 for parking ( if you're there before 9am you can "sneak" in ...shhhh!) The beach is pretty big and clean. There's some trees that provide shade, even on the beachy sand (which is great for me!). There's a bunch of picnic tables and even some areas you could grill at. Each day I was there, I saw at least 5 lifeguards on duty. The water is nice & clear and there's a nice sandy bottom in the swimming area. My friend Anne said there's a bunch of other beaches along around the park for swimming and one area even has kayak rentals. There's bathroom facilities there which were pretty clean (bring your own sanitizer) and I guess there used to be a snack stand but it wasn't open this summer. An Ice Cream truck showed up around lunchtime and sat there for quite awhile. Swim lessons are also available all summer through the Recreation Department. Morton Park is off of Summer St. in Plymouth; follow Morton Park Road to the end to enter the park. Definitely worth checking out if you want someplace different to take the kids for the day.

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