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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sassy Sparkle...add some bling to your wardrobe!

I got the cutest shirt today....a Swirling Hearts rhinestone shirt from Sassy Sparkle! The shirt was wrapped nicely in tissue paper and then placed in a nice white gift would be perfect for gift giving. When my daughter saw the shirt, she was so excited because it would match her new earrings....and she wants to wear it every day until Valentine's day. (I think that might be a bit much, huh?) The dazzle and sparkle on the shirt is amazing!!!!

These shirts are a great way to add some *bling* to your little diva's wardrobe. Diana has lots of styles to choose from pet designs... there's even a shirt for you Twitter Addicts! What about a bling tshirt for your little princess' birthday? Or your blog name in sparkle for Blogher? Have a little cheerleader? You can bling out a shirt for her!

With almost all her designs you can choose what you want sassed & youth tshirts (long or short sleeves), dresses and even infant creepers! Choose your size and your color too. Diana uses only the best....Swarovski Crystals. You can choose the rhinestone colors on a lot of items for a truly custom item!

Each shirt comes with complete care instructions...the rhinestones are very sturdy so I doubt you'd ever have a problem. And the tshirt sizes seem very true to size.

I think her shirts are great and would definitely purchase many of her designs for my daughter, friends or my nieces! Go visit Sassy Sparkle and support a work at home mom! Enter code mayhem to save 10% off your order...but hurry the code expires 2/28/09!


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