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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Color me some fun & a giveaway

I got these great cards in the mail last week from Color Me Company. When I opened them, my daughter (the artist) immediately grabbed them from me to check them out. They are blank inside and have an outline on the front for the kids to color in (and even came with 4 crayons). The kids can totally customize them however they want for any occasion! My daughter immediately started coloring them and was pondering who she should send her creations to.

Color Me Company not only sells cards but they have tshirts, pillowcases and seasonal items for your little artist to customize. What a great way to have your kids send a personal item to grandma that they "made" themselves! They "combine the thoughtfulness of a greeting card and the fun of a coloring book." daughter was hooked!

You know what else really caught my eye? Their "giving is good" philosophy: Ten percent of their gross proceeds are donated to a charity. get to choose which charity when you checkout from a drop down list! How cool is that?

Another cool thing is that all the artwork is actually drawn by kids and you can actually submit your child's artwork to be considered on their products! I love how their products foster kids creativity. Any of their items would be great at a birthday party, a slumber party, your scouts meeting or as a gift!

The Color Me Company is generously giving away a Horse Pillowcase for one lucky reader! Head on over to my other blog, Mommay's Mayhem and enter to win!

If you don't win....don't cry! You can still order anything off their website and save 20% using code colormelovesmoms!


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