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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carousel Skate

This week I took my daughter to Carousel Skate (formerly Skatetown) in Whitman. My daughter has never been rollerskating and I haven't been on rollerskates in forever! We had a great time! We went during school vacation week at the 2:30-4:30 slot. Admission was reasonable at $7 plus $3 for skate rentals. The dj played all the newer music and even played games with the kids at different times while handing out tokens to the winners. There's a snack bar there serving up pizza, popcorn, pretzels, cotton candy and such. I think we'll definitely go back with the other kids soon!

Carousel Skate is on Route 14 in Whitman. You can check out their website for regular hours.


1 parents said...:

Anonymous said...

Fun! I used to be a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters and this was my little sister's favorite activity! I'd forgotten until I saw this post!

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