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Friday, December 18, 2009

Edaville Railroad

We did from our annual Edaville Railroad visit a few nights ago. It seems they've added more lights to the train ride which is nice to see! We went on a Tuesday, got there at 4 and had the place to ourselves for at least and hour! We went on the 5pm train ride with plenty of room. The park was a bit more crowded by the time we departed the train but still no where near the crowds they see on the weekends!

It is pretty expensive...we were lucky and had a coupon from the Mass Pass book as well as free passes from our rec department. Admission is $18 per person and 2 and under is free. But dinner cost us $62 for the five of us and then another $24 for fried dough later!

Edaville is open weekdays from 4-9pm and weekends from 2-9. There are coupons available on their website. Coupons available if you are a fan on facebook and there's two for one admission coupons in the Entertainment book and the Mass Pass book.

We go every year and never miss it!


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