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Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday Party Idea: Carousel Family Fun Center, Whitman

Over school vacation week, my daughter and I went to a birthday party at Carousel Family Fun Center in Whitman. Highly recommended! The party was booked for a private party so we had the rink to ourselves--that was great since a lot of the kids were beginner skaters. Got there at noon, skated for a little bit, the dj played a few games then it was pizza time. After that, back on the rink for skating until cake time. After the cake, they still had some skating time left and the party was over at 2.

The other cool thing was that they set up one end of the rink with roller racers/flying turtles for kids (um...and adults ;) lol). That's great for kids that had enough of the skating or are too small to skate.

During the party, they also had some costumed character come out to play games with the kid and to take pictures with the birthday girl.

A private party is a little pricey at $299.99...but might be more manageable if you had a combined party for your kids as they could invite everyone they know practically! You can also have a party during public skating hours...this is $13-15 per person.

I'm toying with the idea of combining my son's and daughter's party next year and having it here...we'll see!


4 parents said...:

The Birthday Guru Mama said...

If you are looking for other places in MA to have parties (also entertainers and goods) I have a blog with lists of links to them(alphabetical by state and then type MA Ent, MA Goods , MA Locations etc)
I mostly have listings from MA and RI right now as I live in MA.

Jen said...

We've had several skating parties over the years; it's a wonderful option for the kids and the adults (the kids have a way to expend all that energy and the grownups have little to no cleaning up to do :o)

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Kathy said...

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