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Sunday, May 16, 2010


We are active letterboxers so we’re looking forward to one day trying out Geocaching, which is letterboxing’s high tech cousin.  I saw that Family Circle magazine had a great article on Geocaching and thought I’d share it…would be a great summer hobby!  You can read the article online here.

If your family does geocaching, let me know and share some tips!


2 parents said...:

Anonymous said...

LOVE Geocaching. The kids call it treasure hunting. Tips. Borrow a gps for 1st time. If you like it, spend a lot on one. The more expensive, the better features for geocaching. Going paperless is worth the extra expense. Until you can go paperless with an expensive gps, print out ALL comments and hints on the cache you are going for. It really sucks for the kids when you hike all the way out to one and can't find it and a simple hint would have helped.

Kryptic said...

Geocaching has been a great bonus to all of our family events. The kids love it, but the adults are the ones that get the biggest kick out of it. Look at this one for your first GPS , and for the kids gps. I hope you really enjoy it like we do!

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