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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I scream, you scream….

sundae We all scream for ICE CREAM! 

So glad that Ericksons here in Carver is finally open!  That’s our usual go to spot for ice cream.  Love the Coffee Kahlua Brownie ice cream!  YUM!

Eastover Farm in Rochester is another cool place to take the kids….it’s a small farm stand.  The kids can check out the animals and I think they do wagon rides on the weekends.  They are opening this weekend!

Mea’s in Halifax is another great place to go for soft serve…though I’m pretty sure they have hard ice cream too!  They have yummy Flurry Cups.

Can’t forget our local Peaceful Meadows or Dairy Queen either!

Another great thing to do with the kids is take an ice cream cruise around Plymouth Harbor!  We get a group together and charter the boat every July.  The kids have so much fun!  Definitely a summer to do!

Where are your local favorite ice cream places…and why do you go there?


1 parents said...:

Kara said...

I love Peaceful Meadows! I have so many great memories of going there as a kid. Can't wait to take my three little ones there this summer!

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