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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Favorite Ice Cream Places

Summer's here and that means it's Ice Cream Time!! EJ's favorite is Cookie Dough, Maddie loves Mint Chocolate Chip, Lucas eats anything but we get him Chocolate Chip. I have a few favorites I go between...vanilla fudge, coffee fudge, strawberry. My husband like Moose Tracks or Strawberry Cheesecake. We've never met an ice cream place that we didn't like but here's our list of favorites:
  • Erickson's, Carver. It's right on Rt. 58 and is very close. They have all the flavors that we like and is the place we go when we by default.
  • Mea's Dairy, Halifax. They have soft serve so if we're in the mood for that, that's the place to go! My husband really likes their mocha frappes and visits often since he goes by there every day.
  • Eastover Farm, Rochester. This little gem was found by mistake! We were driving around that area and stumbled across the ice cream sign. It's a little farm that serves ice cream, hot dogs as well as fruits and vegetables. They even do hayrides on the weekends!
  • Kimballs, Jaffrey NH: We try and stop here at least once a year on our way to vacation in NH. We've been to the one in Westford too but the Jaffrey one is not as commercialized. Try the Kimball Special and see if you can finish it!
  • Heidi's Hollow, Hanson: They have yummy ice crea and a great variety of things for sale inside too.
  • There's a new place here in Carver that just opened...I can't remember the name of it. Portions seem small but we'll see how it goes....

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