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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Zooper Day Trip!

If you'd like to take a day trip to a zoo, I'd highly recommend Southwicks Zoo in Mendon! It's about 45 minutes/ 1 hour away from us here in Carver, right up Rt. 495. The great thing about this zoo for a summer trip is that it's 95% shaded! That's a big plus in my book! They've got all the usual animals...zebras, elephants, tigers, lemurs, chimps, tortoises etc. My kids favorite part about this zoo is the deer forest. You can actually feed the deer...they come right up and eat out of your hands (bring some cups to hold the food)! They think that is just so cool to see them up close. The food there is pretty good too should you choose to buy lunch and not *that* expensive. If you're planning on going with a big group, buy the "Family Fun Pack"...12 admissions for $120 which is only $10 per person! You can use all the admissions in one day and it's the best deal, better than the AAA discount or coupons they have online. We try and hit this zoo at least once a year!

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