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Monday, July 14, 2008

Letterboxing is fun!

Looking for something fun and FREE for the kids to do this summer? Try Letterboxing! We're big letterboxing fans here although we don't do it nearly enough! What is letterboxing you ask? It's like a treasure hunt....there's boxes hidden all around you and you can see the clues to find them at websites like Atlas Quest and Letterboxing NA. The kids have a blast hunting for them and now that my oldest can read, he usually reads the clues to us. All you need to start is a stamp (can be store bought, carved yourself or custom made), a log book, an inkpad, a pen and it's usually a good idea to have bug spray and sunscreen. Print out the clues to some local boxes and off you go! We have a small backpack that we keep in the car with all our supplies and some local boxes we haven't found printed out and ready to go. You can also download all the clues in a spreadsheet for a certain region and save them to your laptop before you head on a trip if you won't have internet access. I just had custom stamps made for the kids through Happie Stamps' etsy store....check her out! We're going to go back to try and find some boxes in Plymouth we couldn't find the first time around and there's a box planted at an Alpaca farm in Middleboro we'll attempt this week! Happy hunting!

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