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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Events at Independence Mall

The Independence Mall in Kingston is having free kids events over February vacation as well.

  • Tuesday 2/16: Free Face Painting and crafts in Macy’s Court, 12-2.
  • Wednesday 2/17: Free Child ID kids, face painting, balloon art & crafts in Macy’s Court, 12-2
  • Thursday 2/18: Free girls hair & nail party with Maria Wood’s Fashion Focus, Bongos with Tony Fonseca, face painting, balloon art & crafts in Macy’s Court, 12-2.
  • Friday 2/19: $2 ice cream cone party to support Carver Cub Scouts Community Project, face painting, balloon art & crafts in Macy’s Court, 12-2.
  • Saturday 2/20: Free cinnamon or regular pretzel at Auntie Anne’s from 10-3.

See their website for more information.


6 parents said...:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great site. However, just as an FYI, your site does not display well on firefox - there is no white background, just stars. So it is extremely difficult to read the text. Any plans to fix? Thanks!

jen aka mommay said...

hmmm...I use firefox and the white background shows up fine on my end!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it still doesn't work for me in firefox. I'm using safari right now just to post this to you....but kudos for you for looking into this!!! I'm also on a mac...

jen aka mommay said...

Thank you! Trying to find out why it works in some firefox and not others.... Someone else said writing is in all white for them and it should be brown. Might have to have an "expert" figure it out, lol! =)

Anonymous said...

Ok now this is weird...but it's working now!!! I'll keep an eye on it, but looks good for now.

jen aka mommay said...

that's so odd! My mom said it wasn't working for her earlier either thru FF but she's not on a mac. I have someone checking things over for me anyways... =)) Thanks for your help!

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