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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashion Focus Classes

My daughter just started her second semester at Maria Wood’s Fashion Focus in Pembroke.  She LOVES it!  It’s such a girly class where they learn things like hair & skin care, fitness, personal grooming, manners etc.  They end each class doing runway walks and poses.  The end of each semester they have a Fashion Show as well.  My daughter is so excited to go to class every week.  Great for building the girls self esteem!  There’s still time to enroll if your little girl is interested.  Check out the website or facebook page.

You can also join Fashion Focus at the Kingston Mall on Thursday 2/19 from 12-2 for free hair & nails or at Colony Place on 2/19 from 11-1 for a mini day of beauty.


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Love this idea!!!

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