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Friday, February 19, 2010

Silhouette Picture Craft

I’ve always loved the framed silhouette pictures you see hanging on walls. Last time I saw them for sale was at Disney and they weren’t cheap.  Well amongst my web surfing, I came across this great blog that shows you how to make your own kids silhouette pictures for your wall.  So easy to do! 

I had my kids stand in front of a glass door and didn’t usIMG_1369e the flash…made it easier to see their silhouette.  The tricky part was the cutting, making sure you do smooth lines and keep them exact.  I have a super sharp tiny pair of scissors from scrapbooking that worked perfectly.  I got my silhouettes  painted and they are drying (and they do dry super fast).  I just need to pick up my frames and some spray adhesive! 

I can’t wait for them to be done…they look awesome already!


UPDATE:  After searching and searching for the frames, I found them at Michaels for 40% off  plus an extra 25% off coupon!  Here’s the end result:


I LOVE them!


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Zaharia said...

how's what i'd call potenta :)

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